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>> Friday, August 5, 2011

This Tagger Size kit is for PU & S4H. Everything is in 300 dpi.
Kits are created in PNG format and should be compatible with ALL versions of PSP and PS.
Kit Contains: 7 Papers 18 Elements
1 Carmen the weiner dog in jammies
1 Poser DBBabyGirl6-1
1 Poser DBBabyGirl7-2
1 Flower Arrangement
1 Grandfather Clock
1 Mantle Clock
1 Mom 37poser87
6 Paper Room12 With TV1-6 (Different Scenes on the TV's)
1 Pink Chair
1 Pink Teddie
6 Plasma TV's (same ones in the Rooms above)
1 Puppy
1 Room12 Background with no TV
1 Sconce Lighting
1 Trianon Stand Table

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